Design and Create  

Dale Beeney

  Mr Beeney has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology. He has a Bachelor's in Accounting, Business Education and Political Science. He is currently teaching Design and Create, Robotics Engineering, Architectural Design and Game Design and Coding.


Michael Noguera
  I was born in Valencia, Venezuela and lived there the first 14 years of my life. I presently live in Holland's south-side and am married and have 2 children in their teens. Having been raised in an English speaking household and attending an English curriculum school, I grew up speaking English and acquired Spanish socially through the interactions my father had with native speakers, the media, and making friends. The most difficult aspect in regards to building fluency in Spanish was initiating conversation, which I didn't attempt until I was around 10 years old.
I enjoy propagating blueberries, grafting fruit trees, listening to my children play music, hunting and fishing (when I can) and family time.


Frankie Martinez

  My name is Efrain ‘Frankie ’Martinez. I have been working in education in one form or another for the last twenty years. I hold a Masters in TESOL from Cornerstone University and a Spanish Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan. I have been teaching Spanish for the last six years. This is my first year teaching Spanish at South Haven.

Physical  Education
Dave McWhinnie photo

Dave McWhinnie


I have a Master's degree in Education Leadership from Grand Valley State University and a Bachelor's degree from Hope College with a major in Physical Education.  I am currently teaching Varsity Conditioning, Lifetime Sports and Team Sports. I am also the varsity baseball coach.


Melanie Rappelli
 Wynn Wikman
Women's Studies


​Sandy VanderRoest

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University in the area of K-12 Special Education and K-5 Elementary Education with an emphasis in Cognitive impairment.  I have a Master’s Degree from Western Michigan University in Career Tech Education.  I also, have an endorsement from Calvin College  in Health Education K-12.

I currently teach Health, Women Studies, and Family Living. I am also the Key Club Advisor at the high school.